If you wear a suit every day to work, or even just now and then for special occasions, there are 11 easy and affordable ways you can use accessories to style up your suit.

Some simple accessories can easily and quickly change or improve your look, whether you are going for stylish, bold or fun.

1. An Elegant Watch

An elegant watch is a great accessory for any man’s suit, as well as being a functional piece. While watches can be expensive, there are great options in most people’s price ranges. If you are going to invest in a watch make sure that it is a style that won’t go out of fashion quickly, is not a gimmick and that will complement many of your outfits, not just your suits.

2. A Pocket Square

A pocket square is a quick, easy and often inexpensive way of adding a bit of colour and fun to a suit. And it’s not just the fabric or pattern of the pocket square that can change the style of your outfit, but how you fold it. Go sophisticated and stylish with a plain white or simple colour pocket square in a simple elegant fold, or go bold with a fun pattern, bright colours and fancy fold. Be careful not to match your pocket square to your tie, while they can have similar tones or patterns they should never be exactly the same. Generally the only time you can get away with matching your tie and pocket square exactly is if you are a groom or groomsmen.

3. A Scarf

A season scarf can add a bit more dimension to your suit. You can easily add some colour and texture to a plain outfit. And it might just come in handy during winter with its added warmth.

4. A Leather Bag

Men often have lots of things to carry nowadays; laptops, cables, smartphones, chargers, notebooks, cameras, changes of clothes for the gym, lunch. So if you need to carry a bag with you make it a stylish leather bag or a vegan leather alternative. Get a messenger bag if you want to add a bit casual and young while still functional, go corporate and business with a briefcase, or practical with a laptop bag. The last thing you want to do is grab an old tattered backpack when you are trying to look stylish in your suit.

5. Suspenders

While most men wear a belt with their suit trousers, the other option is suspenders. Suspenders are very practical while also giving you the chance to add a pop of playful colour or pattern. They can also be used for formal occasions if you stick to simple colours.

6. Patterns

One easy way to add something unique and stylish to any suit is to add pattern. You can do this with your shirt, your tie or your pocket square. This is best if you suit itself is a fairly plain pattern, you wouldn’t want to add a bold pattern shirt to a plaid patterned suit as it could be pattern overload, or too similar.

7. A Tie Clip

Tie clips, also called tie bars, are used to prevent your tie from flying all about the place. However they are also a great way to add a bit of your personality and style to your suit. Go formal with a simple stylish metal clip or have fun with playful shapes and colours.

8. Stylish Cufflinks

Most shirts you would wear with your suit will require cufflinks, but while they serve a practical need they are another great way to add your personality to your outfit. There are lots of novelty cufflinks you can buy, that are very affordable, as well as stylish and elegant options. Check out our range of cufflink retailers.

9. Waistcoats & Vests

Another great way to smarten up your outfit is with a waistcoat or vest. If you have your suit jacket button done up you will just see a hint of colour, or when you undo your jacket you can really show off your fun side. To keep things elegant though stick to a waistcoat in a complementary colour and pattern or in the same fabric as part of a three piece suit. And from a practical point of view, if it is cold weather a waistcoat is a great way to add some extra warmth.

10. Statement Shoes

Liven things up with a pair of statement shoes. You can add colour, style, pattern and texture with your shoes. But remember to keep everything else fairly simple. If you are looking for some new statement shoes try these retailers.

11. Colourful Socks

Want a pop of colour that is not in your face? Well why not wear some colourful socks. With socks you will only see a pop of colour or pattern now and then. But remember to not overload with colour, if you have a colourful tie or pocket square already stick to muted socks.