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Womenswear is the modern day term for women’s clothing and accessories. It includes many and varied items catering for all occasions, size, taste and budget.

From the very latest in evening dresses, to the sleekest of designer shoes and handbags, through to tailored shirts and chic coats, playsuits, workwear, formalwear, party dresses and much more.

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Womenswear, ladies fashion brands and the must have accessories that accompany them, all jointly contribute to being one of the biggest industries in the world. 

In fact, the global apparel market is valued at over 3 trillion dollars annually (that’s 3 thousand billion), of which womenswear is the stand out leader with 621 billion dollars annual turnover (or 21%), followed by Menswear with 402 billion (13%) then Luxury Goods ($339b – 11%) and Childrenswear with ($186b – 6%). 

Surprisingly, Bridalwear is at the bottom of the fashion turnover rankings with a mere 57 billion dollars annually (or just 1.9%), which by any measure is still a substantial spend. 

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