A Banner Sponsorship on the Suits.com.au website is an effective way to increase online visibility and drive additional traffic and sales to your business.

  • When a visitor to Suits.com.au searches a suits, menswear, womenswear, department store and/or accessories category page, your banner is not only prominently displayed at the top right of that page (if selected in your banner package), but it will also appear on all other category pages in your chosen package
  • Potential clients and other companies (even your competition) will see your name first and
  • Just one click will bring them all directly to your Website

To learn more about the Banner advertising solutions available on Suits.com.au, please read the following, contact us using the form below or email us at enquiries@suits.com.au

Please Note: There are a maximum of five (5) only Rotating Banner Spots available on each category page of Suits.com.au in any given month, so don’t miss out !

Clearly displayed on any of the selected category and site pages, your Banner will gain constant exposure to interested shoppers and buyers.

This could well be the most effective and economical advertising campaign you have ever used.

Banner Packages & Prices

* All above prices are payable in advance and include GST. Contact us and place your banner ad today.

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